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Vote for Loftis for SPS Board

I would like to encourage anyone that is concerned with the well being and quality of our Springfield Public Schools and our community to vote for Swayne Benson Loftis for the Springfield Public school board. I have known Swayne for eight years and I have been a first-hand witness to his servant’s heart. Swayne has always impressed me with his love of others and his gift to serve people unconditionally, whether it was a physical need, like helping the elderly clean up their property after a storm, or by serving as a volunteer to help strangers when they come into an unfamiliar place.




I have been a witness to what Swayne is like in public and in private and he is the same person in both settings. In my opinion, there are few people with as much personal integrity and devotion to the needs of others as Swayne Benson Loftis. I believe moral values are desperately needed on our school board. In a time of where “what used to be right is now wrong and what was wrong is now thought to be right,” we must have candidates with Biblical values to be willing to represent our community and who possess the courage to stand against the downward direction represented by the decisions that our current school board has acted upon. I recommend that you vote for Swayne Benson Loftis for Springfield Public school board.

Randy Shelton, Fire Master Fire Equipment, Inc.,
Springfield, Missouri

Renner, Patterson and Pratt

We believe that every school board election is important, and that is why Springfield NEA (National Education Association) has a process in place for sending each candidate a questionnaire and, upon receiving a completed questionnaire, we invite the candidates to come to a screening interview with a panel of our members.

This year there were seven of us who met with four of the five candidates. Swayne Loftis returned a partially completed questionnaire and included more information about his candidacy that was important to him. He then declined to participate in the screening interview, so he was not considered for possible recommendation. Bruce Renner, Jill Patterson, Francine Pratt and Patti Ingold all met with our screening team, and we had meaningful and positive discussions with all of them. Each interview lasted a bit longer than 45 minutes. At the end of our process the committee voted to recommend Bruce, Jill and Francine. All four candidates were informed of their recommended or non-recommended status.

For a summary of the interviews, visit our blog at


The reason we believe each election is important is because teachers, librarians, counselors, nurses and clericals often stay in this district for the majority of their careers. It is these people in the district who provide excellence, dedication and consistency in our educational community. It is these community servants who have the best perspective on what the needs are of all students. Administrations change, as do school boards. The decisions that school boards make affect almost every part of our members’ jobs. The board makes decisions about allocation of funds, hiring, firing and retention of employees, building maintenance, technology acquisition and so much more. They ultimately have a ratification vote on the tentative agreement between the district’s team and SNEA’s negotiations team. This includes language about working conditions as well as salaries and benefits.

Kittilu Maxson,
Springfield NEA President



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