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The Edge

Personnel Fouls

Bob Mace

This week’s pop culture theme is that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should be fired because the league isn’t good at dealing with the thug criminal element that seems to have permeated its player ranks. It’s a lot like demanding the resignation of the CEO at GM because workers on a production line at a subsidiary Opal assembly plant in Germany were smoking pot during the lunch hour. On the other hand, smoking pot is one of those liberal PC arguments that opinion leaders are lobbying to transition from crime to inalienable right.

At the two-week mark, this football season already shapes up with the promise of being the archetypical J-V experience resulting from a jumble of disciplinary suspensions and season-ending injuries for marquee players. There’s even an owner who’s been suspended for a little DUI incident.

Predictably we’ve had a televised opinion from everyone who has attended a game, played or coached in the NFL, NCAA, high school, CFL, Pop Warner or Mighty Mights programs. Assumedly, we’ve been exposed to Greta’s opinions bolstered by Dr. Baden. Ted Williams and other holdovers from the O.J. Simpson trial. And one notes that Bo Dietl and the purveyor of “nappy-headed hos,” Don Imus have weighed in as well.

The nadir of all coverage came during a weep-a-thon held on the sportsperson’s MSNBC, aka ESPN. Chris Carter lashed out at accused Minnesota Viking child beater Adrian Peterson followed by a near-tear denouncement of Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL from Hannah Storm.

The Edge sees there is a great big problem in the NFL manifested as a glut of entitled to lawlessness behavior. The leader of the pack would have to be Aaron Hernandez, the Patriot’s former tight end who now faces three murder charges in two separate incidents.

The Edge has yet to hear Joe Public take some of the blame for providing money like so much kindling to the financial furnace of the league. The newly occupied Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara cost 1.2 Billion. Roughly 80% of those funds came as taxpayer underwritten financing – an interesting accomplishment for a state that’s on the brink of bankruptcy.

Missouri’s two pro teams have also feasted on the beneficence of taxpayers. The Chiefs, mimicking their Royal baseball counterparts are, with rare exception, perennial division bottom feeders. Still the owners are demanding $700 million in public-funded stadium renovations at Arrowhead. Says The Edge, if we’re financing this thug league we should ‘fess up to share in the blame.

There’s yet another contributor to America’s homegrown athletic terrorist cells, one that again exists only because taxpayers agree to play a role. With but very rare exception, each and every one of these sociopath thugs arrives to the NFL having spent four years perfecting their criminal mindset in publicly financed state universities.

Hernandez attended Florida, Peterson graduated from Oklahoma and Rice came out of Rutgers (State University of New Jersey). Universities, created by taxpayers to educate the young adults of each state have been hijacked by a system that actively recruits displacement of those students via diversity initiatives that fill limited classroom space with subsidized students from Botswana and pseudo minor-league athletes who are coddled while exhibiting disdain for the law.

There are more prison gang tattoos on display in the typical NCAA Division One football locker room than can be found at a Crips homecoming dance.

Yeah, the NFL has a domestic violence problem that needs to be addressed. But this isn’t a vacuum, the tax-funded greed and avarice into which football has morphed needs to be rebuilt as well.

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