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The Edge

It Ain’t Broke

Bob Mace

THEY (whoever the hell “they” are), according to news reports, are testing a car that works without a driver. The Edge considers the autonomous car concept with equal skepticism to the knowledge that THEY created a Garden Burger – one without any meat. It’s logical that if one is determined to be a vegan, vegetarian or whatever, that one should not be consuming pseudo-meat. What’s the point?

We’re supporting driverless car research with tax dollars and even stealth tax dollars that are given to universities in the name of education, but that end up funding everything from meatless meat research to Bolivian tuba soloist student recruitment.

The high-tech sector of the economy claims the immigration system is broken and that we require more engineer immigrants from China and India to answer society’s need for robotic vacuum cleaners or the iPhone follow-up to Candy Crush Saga. Use Clash of Clans: It comes from Finland, so we don’t have to rethink immigration policy before playing and, it’s free!

What exactly is it that causes media reports, university lectures and congressional debates to convincingly represent to us that our border and immigration policies are broken? Broken is defined as the fact that there are fewer legally allowed slots to enter the United States of America than special interest groups want. Other than a lack of commitment to enforce the current laws our representatives have passed, there’s absolutely nothing bent, cracked, dented, spindled, mutilated or broken.

At about this juncture in every immigration discussion somebody with an obvious southern (hemisphere) accent declares,“The system is broken because illegal’s must fill the jobs Americans won’t take.” They refer not to the aforementioned technical development jobs, but rather to those like harvesting crops or making hotel room beds. There certainly seems to be something broken if such is the case.



However, the broken policy isn’t immigration; it’s welfare! Who’s going to take those jobs as long as America is willing to pay its citizens, legal immigrants and everybody else who can hobble over to the welfare line to sit on front porches watching the undocumented toil? Unbounded welfare is responsible for making entry-level wage labor into an American spectator sport.

Hunger is a marvelous motivator that can turn the “Americans don’t want that job,” into the garbage argument it is. Some in congress, with straight faces, argue for funds to support people who can’t find jobs while simultaneously demanding legal status for immigrants because there are so many jobs Americans don’t want.

The follow along argument is that childcare is too expensive for many single-parent mothers to take low-wage jobs. For a culture that has coined the phrase “baby daddy,” No Sale! With notable exception made for a rape reported at the time of occurrence, every request for ADC should require identification of both parents.

Seem unfair? Every heretofore financially responsible father or mother, at the time of a divorce, is ordered to pay child support so the state needn’t. Why shouldn’t the same “pay for your own kids” rules apply to players in the welfare-financed, sex-without-borders jamboree and rodeo that celebrates baby daddies?

Finally, Congress deciding not to enact more immigration law doesn’t equate to anything being broken. Constitutionally, Congress may choose not to enact laws without ceding authority to runnerup candidates, miss congeniality or an overreaching community organizer cum POTUS.

America’s BS meter IS broken. Why else would intelligent life forms accept half-baked and idiotic pseudo logic coming exclusively from THEY who make their fortunes in the alien importation marketplace? It ain’t really broke; let’s not fix it!

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